Fountain Basin

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Decorative Fountains

The Fountain Basin is an integral element in creating a fountain in any yard. Our fountain basins collect water that is released by the fountain. Then, the pump recirculates this water back up to the top of the fountain feature. These fountain basins ensure and give hidden water storage as well as strong foundation support for any decorative water feature.

Fountain basins are incredibly simple to install, even for inexperienced owners. Also, fountain basins are the best and easiest method for installing a water fountain feature in your own yard. Use flexible pond liner in order to dig the fountain basin in a wide array of shapes.

Fountain basins are very versatile and can be used in conjunction with stone, ceramic, brass, and many more styles of decorative water features.

A lifetime warranty is included with these fountain basins, thus removing any stress or concern that an owner may have over buying this product. There are multiple fountain basins to chose from, so make sure that you select the one that best compliments your water feature. Our selection of fountain basins vary in dimension, maximum pump flow, plumbing size, and gallon capacity. Each fountain basin will work effectively on different water features, depending on these factors.

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