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Best Pond Kits

When considering the best pond kits out there, the list isn’t complete without including the Aquascape and Atlantic Water Garden pond kits.

These two companies’ products are superior in many ways.  They are durable and efficient and have long-running credibility with consumers and installers.

When it comes to building your first pond, it honestly really helps to have all the components and pieces put together in a simple-to-follow plan.

Both kits offer their unique companies’ products bundled together for a no-hassle, no-worry package.

Atlantic Water Garden Pond Kits

Atlantic Water Garden kits are divided into three categories, small, medium, and large. They include the

  1. 45ml EPDM Pond Liner & Underlayment-
  2. Atlantic Filter Falls
  3. Atlantic Pond Skimmer
  4. Atlantic Pond Pump
  5. Flexible PVC Piping
  6. Silicone and Glue
  7. Waterfall Foam
  8. All necessary fittings and connections needed.

Atlantic Kits save you time and money by avoiding costly mismatching and multiple trips to the store.  The pumps are energy efficient and keep operating costs under control.  The medium, large, and extra large kits include LED lighting to extend the enjoyment of the water feature into the evening.

Small Atlantic Kits

  • 6′ x 11′ Small Kit (PK161015)
  • 11′ x 11′ Small Kit (PK161515)

Medium Atlantic Kits

  • 11′ x 11′ Medium Kit (PK191515)
  • 11′ x 16′ Medium Kit (PK191520)

Large Atlantic Kits

  • 11′ x 16′ Large Kit (PK261520)
  • 16′ x 16′ Large Kit (PK262020)

Extra Large AtlanticKits

  • 16′ x 21′ Extra Large Kit (PK382025)
  • 21′ x 26′ Extra Large Kit (PK382530)

Aquascape Pond Kits

The Aquascape approach to creating backyard pond kits is quite different from many other water garden companies’ offerings. The goal with our backyard pond and water garden kits is to create a complete low-maintenance system that works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. All pond kit components selected work well together and complement the addition of rocks, gravel, fish, and plants.

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Do-It-Yourself Waterfalls

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