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Atlantic TT-Series Pond Pumps

The Atlantic TT-Series Pond Pumps are one of the most efficient asynchronous pumps on the market!

We absolutely love these! The video below is of a TT6000 pump at 5′ of head. It has great flow and sound.  What we love most about these pumps are their efficiency.  Great flow with a minimal electric cost!

TT-Series Pumps

The TT series pond pumps from Atlantic Water Gardens are asynchronous pumps with great pump medium to low head height applications.  The big bonus with these pumps are their super-efficient energy consumption.  From the smallest in the series, the TT1500 to the largest, the TT9000, they literally cost cents on the dollar running 24 x 7 hours a day.  The six models in this series are broken into two groups according to each pump’s physical dimension.

  • Asynchronous Pumps combine the efficiency of Magnetic Induction with the power of Direct Drive geometry, keeping operating and ownership costs to a minimum
  • They pump more water for fewer watts regardless of water chemistry, making them the ideal choice for water gardens
  • Compact design fits the tightest pump chambers, perfect for vertical and multiple pump applications
  • Excellent resistance to fouling in hard water environments and simple maintenance keeps pumps running in adverse conditions
  • Ribs and large openings in pre-filter and handle provide tremendous surface area for greater clog resistance, decreasing upkeep and increasing pump life

TT-Series Pumps Protection Status